Hyderabad FC vs Odisha FC: Roy Krishna’s Brilliance Secures Dominant 3-0 Victory

Hyderabad FC vs Odisha FC, In a commanding display at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar, Odisha FC triumphed over Hyderabad FC with a resounding 3-0 win in the Indian Super League (ISL) 2023-24. Fijian striker Roy Krishna stole the spotlight with a clinical brace, complemented by a goal from Senegalese defender Mourtada Fall, extending Odisha’s unbeaten run to eight games across all competitions.

Roy Krishna’s Threat and Early Struggles: Hyderabad FC vs Odisha FC

From the onset, Roy Krishna emerged as a constant threat for the Hyderabad FC defense, launching shots with precision from both feet. Despite the resilient defense thwarting his early efforts, Krishna’s impact on the game was evident initially.

Amey Ranawade’s Influence:

Fullback Amey Ranawade, a key component from Sergio Lobera’s past title-winning team at Mumbai City FC, showcased his effectiveness in Odisha FC. In the 35th minute, Ranawade’s well-timed cross found Krishna, who efficiently converted from close range, securing the opening goal for the home side.

Set-Piece Brilliance:

Odisha FC’s proficiency in set-pieces shone through as Mourtada Fall capitalized on a well-executed header from Carlos Delgado. Fall’s clinical finish in the 40th minute marked his 21st ISL career goal, further enhancing Odisha’s dominance in the game.

Controlled Proceedings and Missed Chances:

Maintaining control throughout the encounter, Odisha FC dictated the proceedings from the center. Krishna, a goal-scorer and a playmaker, orchestrated opportunities for teammates. Jerry Mawihmingthanga missed a chance in the 65th minute, highlighting Odisha’s relentless pursuit of extending their lead.

Hyderabad’s Near Misses:

Despite Jonathan Moya and Joe Knowles attempting to narrow the deficit, Odisha’s defensive duo of Delgado and Fall thwarted their efforts. The organized defense prevented potential chances for the visitors, showcasing Odisha’s defensive prowess.

Roy Krishna’s Late Flourish:

In the dying moments, Roy Krishna showcased his brilliance once again, sealing the victory. With a left-footed shot in the fifth minute of added time. The goal added a final exclamation mark to Odisha FC’s professional and flawless performance.

In conclusion, Hyderabad FC vs Odisha FC unfolded as a showcase of Odisha’s dominance. With Roy Krishna’s stellar contributions steered them to a convincing 3-0 triumph. Lobera & Co. demonstrated efficiency, tactical prowess, and attacking flair, leaving an indelible mark on the ISL 2023-24 season.

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